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Sizing and Fit

While shopping at 218 Clothing and Gift, our hope is that you find a new garment that looks great and ultimately fits you great too! We understand how disappointing a bad fit can be, and want to provide tips for the best shopping experience.

  • Be sure to read the sizing recommendation on each product listing. Watch for words such as slim fit, true to size, or relaxed fit. Take this size recommendation into account when choosing your size; size up or down accordingly depending on how you like your clothing to fit.
  • Take note if the product is a unisex fit or specifically a women's fit.
  • In the product description, watch for the sizing chart that provides measurements of the garment when laid flat. Tip: compare these measurements to any favorite-fitting garment you already own to compare dimensions.
Also, try looking at multiple sizing charts and compare product to product. This will give you a feel of how our garments are different from each other. One sweatshirt from us may not always fit and feel the same as another sweatshirt we sell. At 218, we source many different garments from multiple manufacturers and brands. It's important to know that different products may fit differently.